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Real Estate Development

We can help you to build on any vacant plot of land.

We can help you to build on any vacant plot of land.

Providing everything from market data to brokerage and consulting services

We provide the very latest market data and property details, which can be difficult to pin down due to the rapidly changing nature of the real estate market.

We have a wide-ranging support structure in place, covering everything from brokerage to consulting services.

An extensive range of services, backed up by specialist expertise

We specialize in the rapidly changing real estate business, including securitization of real estate as a financial product,
and financing new real estate.

We provide services underpinned by wide-ranging expertise, developed across all sectors throughout the AAA (Triple A) Group.






We also provide support for buying and selling real estate.

Here at AAA Consulting, we offer full support for real estate owners looking to buy or sell properties.


Struggling with long-term vacancies? Facing mounting repair bills from an aging property? Looking to change your portfolio? Keen to cash in your property? Dealing with inheritance? Investors have a whole range of different requirements when buying or selling real estate. We provide full support to help investors resolve whatever issues they may be facing.


As well as matching services aimed at finding sellers and buyers, we approach transactions from the investor’s point of view, to determine the best option for buying or selling.



Looking to buy

  • Trading assets
  • Securing a stable income from your inheritance
  • Investing in real estate
  • Expanding your real estate portfolio
  • Managing purchased real estate



Securing a stable income through asset management


Looking to sell

  • Dealing with inheritance
  • Trading properties
  • Handling an aging property
  • Losing income from vacant property
  • High tax bill on fixed assets
  • Hassle of managing property
Selling assets with added value

What we can do at AAA Consulting

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