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Achieving high occupancy rates through research and sales promotion



Here at AAA Consulting, we use every method at our disposal in increase occupancy.

Research based on occupant attributes (examples)
According to contract type

63% of contracts are corporate, while the remaining 37% are individual contracts.

According to age

While 0% of occupants are under 30 and 33% are in their 30s, occupants aged 40 or over are in the majority, accounting for 67%.

According to gender

Men account for the majority of occupants, at 78% compared to 22% female occupants.

According to salary

5% of occupants earn between ¥3.00 and ¥4.99 million annually, with 0% earning between ¥5.00 and ¥6.99 million. The largest number of occupants have a salary of ¥7.00 million or more, accounting for 63%.




74% of occupants use their property as their own residence, 16% as a second home, and 10% as a SOHO (small office/home office).


48% of occupants work in the service industry. The next most common profession is wholesale/retail, accounting for 26% of occupants.

Applications according to guarantee type

The most popular option is to use a guarantee company (42%), followed by a cosigner (37%) or an employer (21%).

Producing property listings (examples)
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Master Lease / Sub Lease  

Master Lease Sub Lease Scheme E





We also provide support for a full range of operations associated with leasing.

Providing support before, during and after occupancy
Before occupancy
Researching rent levels, researching competition, determining listing requirements, studying occupant attributes, producing property listings, registering properties, screening occupants, enrolling with a guarantee company, signing contracts, explaining important items, confirming payments, signing up for insurance
During occupancy

Managing payments in arrears, managing occupants, proposing rent revisions, signing renewal contracts

After occupancy

Handling cancellations, suggesting alternative accommodation, overseeing vacation of properties, restoring properties to their original state, managing empty properties, ordering and replacing keys, compiling reports, overseeing other procedures, finalizing payments upon cancellation, returning deposits, managing documents, compiling and managing budgets, managing costs, providing AM support, dealing with owners

We also offer a wide range of additional support, from signing rental agreements to filing tax returns.
Property Management
  • Signing rental contracts and associated services
  • Cash flow management services Sales support services
Leasing Management
  • Leasing sales hotline Tenant service hotline
  • Rental marketing
Management Association Support *Condominium ownership option
  • Paying fees to management associations
  • Processing documents from management associations
  • Providing support for decisions in meetings (submitting attendance records) Handling parking contracts


Construction Management
  • Restoring properties to their original state
    (obtaining quotes, placing orders, managing work)
  • Building repair work
    (selecting contractors, placing orders)
  • Renovations
    (submitting proposals, carrying out work)
Building Management
  • Admin services, budget management BM services (cleaning, facility management)
  • Overnight/holiday emergency contact services
Tax Support(filing tax returns)
  • Tax office submission services, etc.
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Organizing seminars based on the unique data at our disposal

We make the most of the data and information we have accumulated through our various business operations so that we can share useful knowledge with existing and prospective customers via seminars.


Information available (examples)

Information on the real estate market, end of lease techniques, response to vacant properties, brokerage companies, property revenue and expenditure, maintenance and repairs, etc.



Seminar content
  • Real estate market trends and prospects
  • End of lease strategies for low-occupancy properties
  • Renovating to avoid lowering rents, and dealing with empty properties
  • Using a call center to improve leasing efficiency
  • Basics of real estate investment (leasing, property management), etc.


These are just a number of examples. Seminars can be customized to suit different target audiences (your existing customers, prospective customers, employees, etc.), or for types and purposes such as lectures and training seminars.

Recent Seminars

April 15, 2017
“Tokyo’s real estate market and its top-level appeal from a global standpoint” 


木下不動産本社3F (東京都新宿区西新宿6-5-1新宿アイランドタワー)




AAAコンサルティング株式会社 ヘッド・オブ・リサーチ 賀藤 浩徳

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  • なぜ東京の不動産は海外から人気があるのか?
  • 不動産投資で失敗しないコツとは?
  • 市場を押さえて不動産投資成功の鍵をつかむ!


  • March 11, 2017
    Kinoshita Real Estate Seminar (hosted by Kinoshita Real Estate Co., Ltd.) Theme: “Easy ways of forecasting the real estate market for beginners”
  • February 18, 2017
    Osaka One-Room Real Estate Investment Seminar (hosted by Nihon Eslead Corporation) Theme: “Examining economic trends and key points for investing in new one-room properties in 2017 – the era of President Trump!”