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Call Center Introduction Video

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Specialist Real Estate Call Center

Are you experiencing issues like these?

  • Too many phone calls
  • Struggling to finish work due to
  being interrupted by phone calls
  • Only possible to take breaks
in turns
  • Can’t answer phone calls
on your day off
  • Struggling to keep phone records
  • Paying to hire temporary staff
    to handle phone calls


Let a real estate management professional handle calls for you.
Call center
specializing in rental real estate
Our call center is staffed by a team of professionals whose main job is to handle inquiries about rental real estate. They are experienced in the ways of the real estate industry, and the specialist language used in rental sales, enabling them to handle any inquiries on your behalf.
Solutions for checking available properties,
sending details and arranging viewings
As well as inbound inquiries about available properties, we offer a one-stop shop that is capable of handling everything through to completing contracts, including following up on inquiries with outbound calls, arranging viewings and signing contracts.
Improving efficiency
and cutting costs
We can run performance checks on all of your managed properties (reports detailing the number of calls per day, etc.). If that’s something your employees do on the side, or that you hire temporary staff to do, we are confident we can help to cut your costs.

What the AAA call center can do for you

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Obtain data on incoming calls in real time

Simply by logging in to the website, you can immediately check details of telephone inquiries made to your company.

After logging in, the top page displays eight analytical graphs, enabling you to check detailed data with just one click.

Data can be downloaded in formats such as Excel or CSV, and can be adapted to suit a range of different needs for analysis or confirmation purposes, from analyzing monthly data to checking daily figures.
You can use this service to immediately check on your results. That might include areas or properties that are performing well (or poorly), for example, or brokerage companies that are producing good results (or not). You can also check which incentives are proving effective (or ineffective), and compare the results of leasing activities for the current month against the previous month or the same month in the previous year.

This has the advantage that you can quickly identify any issues with your leasing activities, so that you can look into and take appropriate action on a timely basis.


Checking incoming calls from various different angles

Call center specializing in rental real estate

Call center specializing in rental real estate

We can report back to you according to the nature of inquiries, including checking available properties, requesting property details or booking a viewing.

Nature of inquiries

Nature of inquiries

We can report back to you on the most common types of inquiries.

Response media

Response media

We can show you what prompted people to get in touch, so that you can measure the effectiveness of your advertising.